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2015 - Year in review - VW Shows

31 December 2015
A look back at the VW Shows pre67vw went to in 2015

I think I've definitely cut down on the number of shows I go to over the last few years, since very few seem to have a good vintage/stock turnout and parts have all gone on the Internet instead of the swap meets. But there are a few that I still try and get to, and these are the shows of 2015.

March - Volksworld Show

Usually the season opener for me, it's quite a trek - but as most of it is inside then it's fairly weather proof which is what it needs considering it's in March. Some years it's been icy cold and snowy, but this years show was mild and bright for the time of year. One of the star attractions was the prototype Karmann Ghia:

Prototype Karmann Ghia

And of course there was the beautiful coachbuilt Rometsch Banana.

Rometsch Banana

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May - Stanford Hall

Always a great show, but even better when the weather is kind. The show just seems to get bigger and bigger each year, although a lot of it is like walking around a VW forecourt rather than huge amounts of aircooled cars. Here's a pic of my '65 Cabrio parked up as part of the Historic VW display:

65 Cabrio

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June - Bad Camberg

The original Vintage Show got it's mojo back in 2015, tons of vintage VW's lined the sports field in this little German town. The convoy from BBT was down on numbers, whereas in previous years it's been bursting at the seams - this time was noticably smaller, but still a lot of fun with some very cool cars.

BBT Convoy to Bad Camberg 2015

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At Camberg, the cars lined up on the field and the weather cleared up bringing a great day. 

Bad Camberg 2015

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It's hard to follow Bad Camberg as a show, anything else just doesn't quite live up to it in the same year. But after a little time away from shows we decided to pop over to:

August - VW Action

Once one of the biggest shows on the VW calendar, this show was a casualty of the 'new wave' shows that concentrated on Cal-Look cars etc. Todays show is a shadow of it's former self, and actually today feels more like those early Bug Jams - helped by the fact that it's current home is Santa Pod raceway. It's only a 20 minute drive from us, so it was easy to pop along and see what was there, but I probably won't bother again for a while.

"Rat look" is most definitely still very popular at the moment!

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November - Classic Motor Show

Obviously not a VW show, it usually does have displays bu the Historic VW Club and the Split Screen Van Club, so there are many VW's there to look at, along with Porsches and all other kinds of Classic Cars. It does make a nice break to look at something other than VWs for a change!

So not a bad year for Vintage VW's! 

2016 sees the return of the Lavenham Vintage VW Show, so it's already shaping up to be another great VW year!

Happy New Year!

Vintage VW 

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