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AI artwork and photos

07 December 2023
AI (Artificial Intelligence) images have become extremely simple to generate, using software such as MidJourney - we take a look at what it can do.

It seems increasingly common to see AI generated images of all sorts of things these days, some wild fantasy images or famous celebrities/politicians doing something that they shouldn't be, they're almost impossible to avoid, especially if you're on social media. VW wise, images range from realistic looking kitchen appliances in the shape of VW camper vans through to some quite realistic photographic style images of cars that were never made and don't exist. 

What are they?

Most services take in a written description of an image, with a required style and various options. The computers then work away and a few minutes later the image you asked for has been generated. You can ask for photographic images, line drawings, oil paintings, the only real limits are your imagination. Quality can vary wildly though, especially when you start adding people into your scenes. It's not unusual to get people with three legs, or three arms, or twelve fingers. Plus they don't always sit in the car in the correct place. But these are still fairly early days for the technology and it's bound to continue to improve over the coming years.


So now you want to see what I've managed to come up with, I'll start with the 'good ones'...

Now for some of the fails...

Actually has a nice look to it, but no I didn't ask for an extra long VW bus.

Not sure what these are?

I'd certainly expect to see a lot more AI images in the future though, especially as the technology gets better and better.