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Digging out the old film camera

09 July 2015
film photos
Back to 24 exposures and taking the film to be processed and printed.

Messing around with old cars we're used to using old technology - there's nothing digital about a 50 year old Volkswagen, but few of us really extend that beyond our cars into other areas of life (although records are making a bit of a comeback, now called vinyl). Photography has gone through a major revolution in the digital age and these days most people carry around a camera on their phone, or maybe use a digital SLR that can take hundreds of photos on a single card - with instant feedback to the photographer on the rear screen.

So digging out my old film camera was an interesting experience, with each film restricted to 24 exposures. Every time I took a photo with it I automatically looked on the back of the camera to check the image, instead only seeing the vintage black texture on the film door. The photos on this page were taken by my daughter Kate using the same old camera.

Then there was the processing, we used the same day service where you return in a few hours and get your prints - only then do you find out if your photos came out!

There's something really warm about the film prints, it's actually something I often try to replicate on my digital photos and videos. Next is to take the film camera to a VW show and see if I can get some nice vintage style photos of the event.

Vintage VW 

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