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Site re-fresh 2021

04 February 2021
pre67vw has been around since 1999 and over the years the site has gone through quite a few designs, I felt it was looking a little too cluttered so it was time for another re-fresh.

The overall look of the site hasn't changed a huge amount, but the main difference is that I have dropped the sidebar. The sidebar offered some links and a few social media boxes along with some advertising, but in doing so I felt that it was adding to the clutter on the page - at least on the desktop version, the mobile didn't suffer quite as much as it was all pushed down to the bottom. I have also increased the sizes of most of the thumbnail photos - I'm not sure if its that modern monitors are gaining resolution or if it's my failing eyesight but the old thumbnails seemed to be getting harder to see. There's also been some 'behind the scenes' updates such as a new image format called webp, hopefully you won't notice any difference in quality but the file sizes are much smaller so they should load a lot quicker.

There's a new section called 'photo archive' which now contains a selection of old photos broken down into various categories. The plan is to keep adding to these galleries over time when I come across interesting period images.

The classifieds section has also had the thumbnails enlarged so it's a little easier to see the items for sale and a lot of the really old out of date adverts have been removed.

The Forum is now pretty much dead, with everyone having moved over to Facebook, forums have all been struggling. Very little gets posted there which is a bit of a shame. It remains there so that people can find old posts that may help them, it takes up a lot of server space so I don't know how much longer it will remain, but for now it's still there.

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