Ali Bunn
15 years ago
Hi all. Am trying to find out what happenned to my grandparents van, just for interest and because my father is wondering if it still exists. It was an earlyish split screen van, probably 1961, registration 7616 FM. It was a prototype conversion, van itself not particularly special but the interior was hand crafted and probably unique.
Would love to hear from anyone who knows anything about it!
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Rich Oakley
15 years ago

I potentially have some bad news for you. The vehicle is not listed on the DVLA's database so it has probably been scrapped. You could always try contacting some of the guys at the Split Screen Van Club ( to see if they have any record of the van.
From memory, 'FM' was the registration letter combination for Chester. I used to own a '64 Beetle with the reg number 7563FM, so I would imagine that your grandparents' van would also be a '64.

Good luck with the search.

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