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15 years ago
My rear wings are pretty rotten. I wanted to perhaps repair one of them, because it has a 60's hippy sticker on it, but i am wandering wether its really worth it.

The wing is heavily rusted, i think i can rebuild it by removing all rust and then slowly building the wing up by brazing and sheetmetal, and then finishing with filler or lead, but it would really be a pointless exercise. It would preserve the area of the wing with the sticker, but matching paint in the repair area will be difficult, and is it not easier to just buy a new wing?

What wings will physically fit on my 66? Im not exactly sure wether there was much change in wings, i know the rear lights area changed, but apart from the 'elephant' wings which had a massive hole, i think all the others can just be adapted to fit 66 lights to them, right?
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15 years ago
Right. They┬┤ll pretty much all fit on. Just make sure to get the ones with the right bumper slots, as they are bigger on square bumpered cars.

This explains it (with the aid of some stunningly good illustrations) 
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15 years ago
I have some original ones but need repair too...
Otherwise send me a message.
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