13 years ago
Not really sure what the part is call but its missing and if anyone has a spare they are willing to part with please let me know.
Its off a early beetle 1949 but I believe its the same as a standard beetle with cable brakes of any year?

the part thats need is the short part that is part of the foot brake pedal. Not sure what to call it or of its part number so its hard to place an advert in the wanted section.

In the second picture you can see it fitted to the handbrake push rod.

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13 years ago
If it's the channel section with the slotted 'head' for the cables that you need the part number is 111 721 175 called 'Push bar - foot brake'.

The early (1950) parts book shows two variants but by 1964 the books only show the number quoted above for all mechanical brakes up to Chassis number 4 630 937.

I haven't got a spare but that info may help you find one.