• cupa65
  • pre67vw Junkie Topic Starter
13 years ago
Hi all

So here's the story. Dynamo bearings were a little suspect (fore and aft play) apart from that charging fine.

Changed bearings and then fitted to car. No bearing noise but not charging.

Checked wiring and light switch, charge light still on.

Changed regulator for new Bosch unit, charge light still on

Polarised dynamo. Dynamo spins when you add power from battery.

Charge light still on

Changed bushes.

Polarised dynamo again.

Charge light still on.

Checked battery voltage both with engine running and engine off (just over 6 volts so not charging)

In the back of my mind I know the dynamo has failed but does anyone have anything else I can try.


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  • cupa65
  • pre67vw Junkie Topic Starter
13 years ago
Hi All

An update on the Dynamo situation. After speaking to Peter at Volksgoods he recommended the proceedure of almost "bump starting" the Dynamo. This means that whilst the engine is running at a fast idle a postive lead from the battery is placed directly onto the postive terminal on the regulator.

After trying twice, there are a few sparks, the dynamo light went out.


Ps Peter at Volksgoods is available on 01522 751941 (between 7 and 9pm)