10 years ago
I have noticed that the wipermotor on my 54 oval is hot to the touch when not in use! Is this normal? They don't self park is this normal or should they self park? It has a 2 wire switch and a 3 terminal motor.
The wiriing is like this
Permanent live from the switch goes to S on the motor and then from the + side of the motor back down to the switch. Should the earth wire off the motor be grounded at the wiper switch mounting?

The motor is an SWF motor if it helps.
Is there anyone in the UK who restore/ repair wiper motors.

Im really sorry for so many questions.
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10 years ago
The permanent live is for the self park contacts and the switch wire makes the motor run all the time.i would check the switch contacts,motor brushes/commutator and also loose wire connections.settings are in most can clean the contacts with a bit of 1200 wet and dry.You can earth it anywhere you like .Back of speedo is a popular choice to run an extra earth .
Old Blue
10 years ago
The wiper motor on Jon's oval kept blowing fuses, and felt warm too.

I disconnected the self park part, and all is fine, but you have to shut them off at the right moment to park out of sceen vision.
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10 years ago
How did you disconnect the self park part? As i worked out it had been wired in wrong! I wired it the correct way now but have found that it is infact a LHD motor as it self parks in your vision!
10 years ago
I have fixed my wipers! It was wired up the wrong way round! I wired it up the correct way and the self park worked great, but was parking for a LHD car so the blades were in the view of the driver on a RHD when parked. I have now sorted my motor to park correct on a RHD car.

If anyone has an early RHD Oval with the wipers parking in the wrong position send me a PM and i will take a look at it for you.

Kind Regards