8 years ago

At he last MOT for my '65 1200 beetle I was given an Advisory "001 offside front body mount corroded" and I have been unable to get any information regarding this from the garage agent that submitted the car to the MOT station.

What is the offside front body mount, and is it the sort of job to tackle easily.

I am interested in any advise anyone can give me please to overcome this problem before it becomes a MOT failure.

On a slightly different topic, can the handbrake cables be replaced without dismantling the hub? It looks as though it is possible to remove the old cable but I was looking for further advice regarding replacement of handbrake cables without dismantling the rear hubs. Advice needed please.


Kind regards
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8 years ago
This is what I would call the front body mount...

How easy it is depends on how corroded it is and how skilled you are.  1036865.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.
Rob Amos
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8 years ago
The disagreements I have had with MOT testers over the years about Beetle structure and weakness.

No more - I've gone all pre1960 with my cars so no MOTs required:thumbup:
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