7 years ago
I have a 1964 VW Bug.
Is there a way of replacing the weatherstripping surrounding the wing vent without removing the window/frame ?
I've seen videos showing the correct way to accomplish this; was just wondering if my inquiry would work.
I'm willing to make a small cut in the weatherstripping to position it around the top & bottom hinges.

Any info/referral will help. Thanx, Mark
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7 years ago
Small window car?

The earlier small window car only has 2 screws holding the top in and a clamp behind the door card (2 x 10mm head bolts) - Quite simple...

I'm sure you could cut the rubber but it wouldn't be such a nice job and more chance of a leak!
7 years ago
Thanks Julian ~
By small window I'm assuming you mean rear window -?-
On my car (1964) it has a fixed 'post' on the bottom which slides down into the frame/door. On the top part there is a a single hinge held in place by a rivet
If I cut the weatherstripping halfway through in these 2 places, I'm thinking the seal would be able to be installed w/out removing window, frame, etc.
I could repair the cut w/superglue.
Again, thanks for your reply. ~ Mark
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