8 years ago
Hoping someone can help! I recently purchased a replica 1929 mercedes gazelle. It is built on a 1961 VW beetle. I had it flatbedded to my home because I had no insurance or plates. The vehicle had no leaks until it was being put on the flat bed truck. Once it was on a steep angle with the front up it started to drip from underneath(just in front of the motor I believe) The motor is mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Once the car was on the truck and leveled out the drip slowed and stopped within a couple minutes. When unloading the vehicle the same thing happened. The fluid smells, looks and feels like gear oil. (its pretty clean looking). Could this be some type of overflow or a more serious problem? The car runs and shifts fine.
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  • AW
  • pre67vw Junkie
8 years ago
Hi Like to see some photos of this. Check the axle gater's that are on the gearbox / Transaxle end. You will probably find them split. :thumbup:

Andy W
8 years ago
Yes Aw, I think we need some pictures. It could also be the gearbox seal where the pinion comes through in the bell housing or the flywheel oil seal because it only happens on a steep angle. I know he said the oil was clean and looked like gearbox oil but hard to identify without pics.