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Oettinger Kraftfahrtechnische Spezial Anstalt" was the name of the company founded by Gerhard Oettinger in 1951. The company specialised in performance parts for the VW engine and soon some of the VW based coachbuilders such as Dannenhauer & Stauss and Rometsch were using Okrasa engines in their sports cars.
Okrasa Parts Okrasa Kit parts
There where two Okrasa kits available, the TS-1200 and the TS-1300/30. The TS-1200 consisted of a pair of Okrasa high compression twin-port cylinder heads with twin port manifolds (VW only offered single port heads at that time), dual Solex 32PBIC carbs as used on early Porsche 356s, and carb linkages, balance pipes etc. Optional extras included a Fram oil filter which could be mounted on the fanhousing and Okrasa's own oil cooler which consisted of some coiled copper tubing which sat behind the fanhousing thereby being cooled by the air being sucked in. The new heads offered a compression ratio boost from 6.6 to 7.5:1
Okrasa Engine Okrasa engine
The TSV-1300/30 Kit was much more complete, it came with the same parts as the TS-1200 but also included a 69.5mm chrome-moly crank which gave a capacity of 1295cc - the stock stroke at that time being 64mm. The crank was also '8 doweled' to the flywheel, an upgrade still used in todays performance flat 4's. There was some clearencing necessary in order for the con-rods to miss the camshaft.
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The inlet manifolds were fabricated from steel and then chrome-plated with a small outlet on each for a balance pipe running between the two. The carbs were Solex 32mm and were fitted with Knecht air-filters.
Martin Herzog 1956 Martin Herzog
In 1956, Martin Herzog started importing the Okrasa kits into the US for the American VW Parts company EMPI and they advertised that it would cut the 0-60 time by 12 seconds. They also stated that it increased the HP from 36 to around 48 with "No sign of overheating reported, even in desert"
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