16 years ago
Hi there has anyone got any photos of the under rear seat heating arrangement on a 1962ish beetle?

I have found that my car has some very odd rear kick panels and I am not quite sure how they fit in with the rest of the system.
They have a slot rather than a round hole.

Please see attached pic.


Any help identifying what the arrangement should look like under the rear seat would be great.
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  • JD
  • pre67vw Junkie
16 years ago
Not an Aussie built car or something strange is it?
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16 years ago
I dont know if that is specially different to any other 62's? As I have only owned 2 Oz 63's, but I can tell you that my ex Oz pressed car had the same panels. I dont have a pic under there now but there are flat metal outlet tubes that butt up to it under the seat I think from memory some narrow type black paper type airhose also. Are your floorpans dark grey instead of black? As that is a nice Oz thing! 😃
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16 years ago
All I really know about the history of the car was that it was originally an italian registered car and was one of the first in the city of Florence.

The student who I bought the car off of, had hand painted it orange!! and then drove it from Florence to the UK after she finished her placement in italy.

Unfortunately the floor has rotted out completely so the orginal floor is no longer there which is a shame.

On the Kick panels I havent seen anything quite like these before, were they standard for Ozzie bugs?.
16 years ago
Hi, I can confirm that these are indeed from either an Australian or New Zealand assembled VW as this is what I am used to seeing all the time & to see any thing else BUT these would be odd as I'm from NZ you see :wink:

Here is a picture from my owners manual for an NZ/Aussie Beetle
You can see the same kick panels you have!
There is a metal bracket which is welded to the floor & the shape of it corisponds with the shape of the hole in the kick panel & then the hose fits into this bracket!! If that makes sence :wink:
I can lift my back seat & take a pic of the hoses & brackets if you like?

Kind regards

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16 years ago
If you could take a few photos it would be appreciated. That photo looks very much like what come off the the car.

Do you know if spares for this area (i.e new clamps and brackets) are readily available from Australia/NZ? only If this was originally fitted to the car I will either buy a new set or have a go at fabricating something up to get the kick panels to fit.

Many Thanks for the info.

Best regards

Rich Oakley
16 years ago
Those panels are '62 only heat outlets and were fitted to all Deluxe '62 as far as I'm aware, not just CKD cars. I've had two nice original British '62s with them fitted. Sadly, no pics.
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