15 years ago
Hello all could you please help any bofins out there? the metal road that runs down the tube and out under the tank and connects to the stearing mec on the beam and has the stearing wheel on the other end. Are they diffrent diamiter to say a 1963 beetle that has the later stearing wheel . I think mine has a later one as it has no cable runing up the tube for the horn. and is a bit floppy to. my cars a 1958 beetle

any one no please
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54 Gertie
15 years ago
If you have a correct or earlier steering wheel fitted, it is pre 59!

The splines were changed for the 60 model year as well as a new steering wheel!

15 years ago
54 gertie when i bourght the car it had a steering wheel on it from a 60s bug soi took it off and put one on from a 58 bug because thats what my car is,as im trying to get it back to the original. However i bought a plastic bush from cool air and fitted that, but theres no cable so i carnt connect it to the horn press. I got a picture of the steering rod for a 50s bug and it shows like a metal band on it half way down mine hasnt got that. so im thinking some one has swaped it at some point. So all in all would the rods have been thicker on an earlyer beetle/oval opposed to a later 60s bug.

Any ideas

Thanks paul
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