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Hi ascort:
I read on the aussieveedubbers forum that:

If the proctor is not build on a VW pan, it can't be considered as a coachbuild VW, but more as a seperate brand.

Have you found more info?


pbaptist wrote:

Hi Patrick

I must admit that I have not been researching the Proctor since posting the photo and I have not spoken to the Melbourne Ascort owner who owns one. I know almost no details about Proctors, but if they are on a ladder chassis, they probably do not meet the criteria of a coachbuilt for this forum.



Mark - Owner of 2 under restoration Australian coachbuilt Ascorts.
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I found this in an old mag hope it is of intrest.

Andy W

AW wrote:

Hi Andy

Yes I have the August 1984 Thoroughbred and Classic Cars magazine that you have shown a section of.

The article is incorrect in what is said at the end, where it is stated that Mirek Craney never owned an Ascort.

Mirek first owned Ascort registered BZA-011, which I believe was possibly the second car built after the prototype. This car was owned for a number of years and then replaced with car DDH-989. This car was owned for about 15 years. After it was sold it was crashed, repaired and painted yellow. This car was bought back by the family and owned by the son and daughter for a while following Mirek's death. (This is mentioned on the next page of the article that you partly copied). It is now the yellow car owned in South Australia by an enthusiast who also owns the black D&S shown in other postings.

The daughter of Mirik and Anna Craney recently paid me a visit to say hello and look at my car. She was telling me that the Ascort was the family's only car throughout her childhood, up until the time when a 1500 (wagon?) was purchased when they outgrew the limited room in the Ascort.

Mark - Owner of 2 under restoration Australian coachbuilt Ascorts.
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Is this a Colani in the bottom right of the photo ??????????????????

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