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10 years ago
As I disconnected the cable from the carb - the larger carb end of business decided to break off :(
Do I have to replace the whole cable just for this end?

I'm not having a good week so far......
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Mike Peckham
10 years ago
Replace the whole cable, it's not too arduous a job.

Take off the cover on the nearside front end of the tunnel and disconnect the cable from the operating lever, then pull it through. Push the new one back in (applying grease as you go) and it should keep going until it comes out in the gap between the front end of the frame fork and the front of the engine. If it does, it's just a simple matter of locating the hole in the end of the conduit that goes through the fan housing and front breast plate, pushing the cable through and then connecting it up at the carburettor.

They sometimes snag at the end of the tunnel conduit and I find that turning the cable round by forming a large crank shape with it whilst pushing against it normally makes it find its way.

All being well it's a 45 minute job.

Mike :smile:

ps. It was great to see your car and chat with you at Stanford Hall.
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Kjell Roar
10 years ago
A quick fix at the roadside is to use one of these


Cut off the plastic, for easier use.

But dont put the pedal to the metal...
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