5 years ago
Due to not being a Facebook fan and not having an account this is a welcome return of alm things VW
Welcome back
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5 years ago
If you had an account previously just add your email address or username and you will get a new password to login.
cold steel
5 years ago
Glad we're back. Hope every one uses it again

5 years ago
Best of luck to it, I say. I don't like Facebook and much prefer the forums. I can't be the only one. 🙂
5 years ago
How I missed this forum!
Wish all the best to a new and bright future. Also a Facebook hater 😉
Instagram | @early_type
5 years ago
Hello again I wondered where the forum part had gone...I’ve since sold my oval and bought a new project :shock:
Fiber Split
5 years ago
Nice to be back. May it continue :beer: :beer: :beer:
5 years ago
Support for the return has been very positive :thumbup:

Only a couple of people who said they'd rather just use Facebook.

It's also nice to hear from people again who don't use Facebook.
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
5 years ago

Good to see the forum up and running again 🙂
5 years ago
Nice to see this forum back up and running 👍
5 years ago
Yes it's a fantastic return.
I hate Facebook - an invention of the Devil!!!
5 years ago
It's sure good to be back :)

A much nicer place to be with like-minded folk than Facebook or certain other VW forums.....

I will get round to updating what has gone on with my project...