2 years ago
Hi there I have a early 62 beetle with a issue on starting I have my original 40hp motor out of the car ,im trying to start it with a 6v battery connected up to a reconditioned 6v starter that's attached to the flywheel with a bell housing and a very secure 6v bush in the bell housing .
However the starter will not move the flywheel when in position ,but it will spin fine if I just test it on the bench.
I have hooked up a 12v battery to the starter and this will turn the starter motor enough to turn the flywheel .So I was told the new 6v battery could be no good .
Then I was told that thicker cable has to be used for a 6v battery due to the amp-age is a lot higher .Is this right what size jump leads would I need thick ness ?
Thank you
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2 years ago
Something like this? 

Rob Amos
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