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Aircooled Accessories

22 July 2015
Aircooled Accessories
UK based Aircooled Accessories specialises in re-creating hard to find period accessories for aircooled VW's, but not only that - they also design new accessories that look like they would have been made back in the day.

Accessories tend to fall into two camps, one is something that is a useful and practical addition to your car and the other is something that is purely a decorative item. Whichever side you fall into, AAC probably produces something for you. But the best part is that these are usually available for a fraction of the cost of the original items (if you can even find the original items in first place). I'm a big fan of this company, I think it's fantastic when companies produce their own high quality products instead of importing and reselling cheap items from the far east. 

I've got a set of their 356 headlight grills on my cabrio and the quality is absolutely superb, they're pressed out of stainless steel and clip between the headlight ring and the glass so no modifications are necessary to fit them and you get an instant vintage speed look to your front end. 

I've also been collecting a few of their other parts for my next project and again, the quality is all super nice.

Some of the other products that have caught my eye are their trim rings. It's very rare to see an original set of trim rings that don't have dents, dings and scratches in, so how about a set of these?  You can't grumble at £70 for a set of four!

How about a nice light-up country sign on the back of your bug when you're off travelling to the next Camberg or Hessisch? (or their plain cast versions are pretty cool as well)

Or what about reproductions of the window vent trims (for 64-) or swedish gravel guards - and how cool are the shark tail exhaust trims?

This is a small selection of their Beetle stuff, but they do a load of items for buses too, why not check out their website and see if there's anything that you fancy!!


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