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BBT Convoy to Bad Camberg 2015

25 June 2015
BBT Convoy to Bad Camberg
For the big vintage VW shows in Germany, BBT in Belgium puts on a big convoy so all the old VW's can travel together.

Going to Bad Camberg this year was an on and off again affair, with the final decision being made the night before we set off. Part of the worry was with the car, 350Km is a long way and my clutch bearing seems to be making a lot of noise, plus my usual travel companions had decided to give it a miss this time around. Add to this that my car is a '65 so it's too new for the event and I'd end up parking somewhere else anyway, so last minute I decided to just take the Passat (at least it's a VW) and booked up a Hotel in BBT's town for Thursday night.

New for this time was that my daughter Kate wanted to come along, which was great! By the time we'd made the crossing and driven to Belgium, the BBT open house on the Thursday evening was already over and we'd missed it, so we decided to drive straight to the hotel and check in. When we eventually found the hotel, the car park was full of old VWs and the bar was full of familiar faces! The last minute/last room turned out to be a great choice!

Friday morning we were up early and went to the BBT breakfast, it was noticeably quieter than previous years with far fewer cars in attendance. As soon as all the cars lined up to head off, the rain started - driving around the Antwerp ring road on crossply tires in the pooring rain, with tiny windscreen wipers and huge lorries bearing down reminded me of some more reasons to be in the Passat - but huge respect for those who drove in their oldies!

By the time we left Belgium the rain had stopped and Kate was hanging out of the Passat window trying to get some good photo's of the cars driving along (it's harder than in looks!). First stop was at Aachener Land services, where the VW's took over the petrol station and services car park.

The Convoy took a more scenic route after Bonn but we opted to stay on the Autobahn and head straight to our Hotel to check in. 

To view more photos of the BBT Convoy to Bad Camberg - Click Here

Next blog post will be about the show itself.

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