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Rarest of the rare - split window smokers pod

02 June 2019
Smoker Pod
Very little information seems to be available on this very rare accessory.

This is what’s known as a ‘smokers  pod’, it has everything a smoker needs - the top center is a cigarette lighter, to the left is an ashtray and to the right is a similar compartment to keep your cigarette box (it’s not another ashtray, only the left one is removable for emptying the ash out). And in the middle is a clock so you can keep an eye on how long your smoking break has been.

The main body of the pod is steel, not Bakelite like regular split dash pods. These accessory pods are very rare and the ones that do exist all seem to be in ivory, so this original black version is even rarer!

This one has lost the original clock unfortunately, the clock in the photo is not original and is only a mock up for display.

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