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Repuestos Sam, the Spare Parts Man

19 September 2019
Even as little as 20 years ago, VW's weren't considered to be cars worthy of expensive restorations, and because of this very few people made correct parts for the rare models. Instead, you either had to spend years tracking down correct parts or modify a later part to make it look kinda right. These days everything has changed and its worthwhile people reproducing low quantities of high quality rare parts - Repuestos Sam is one of those people.

I've been in the VW hobby for about 30 years and if I had to name the biggest change in that time, it would be the Internet. The Internet changed everything, suddenly it was simple to contact people around the world and search for parts, and also cars. 30 years ago if you went to a regular VW show it's very doubtful you would see a split Beetle. Even rarer would be a split Beetle for sale and even rarer would be a split beetle project for sale. 

These days looking around, there seems to be way more split and oval Beetles, early Ghias, Barndoor busses, in all kinds of conditions than there was 30 years ago, all thanks to the Internet. And all these people need parts at some point, and most of these parts are still hard to find. And if you find the part, it will most likely need restoring if you're going that route, or repairing in some shape or form.

Repuestos Sam is based in Spain, and he's your man to go to for all kinds or rare early parts and accessories. He specialises in reproducing rare hard to find early parts and has an extensive range already, plus he's constantly adding new parts and will always think about making something specific if you need it and he doesn't already make it.

The first part I bought from Sam was a small split Beetle dash part, it had been cut out of my dash but it was a shape I had no hope of making accurately (around the semaphore switch, cut out to mount a clock). Sam makes full split window dashboard panels, which was way more than I needed, so I contacted him asking if he could just supply that small piece. Sam was very willing to help and a few weeks later, a perfect little repair piece turned up in the post, all via the power of the Internet!

Sam makes some really great split and oval tail lights as well, pre '49 taillights, '50 taillights, very correct and complete. From the rubber seal, the metal shell, lens, lens clip and bulb holder - with options for 1, 2 or 3 filament bulb holders for is you want your lighting more suitable for modern motorists. 

Another great product Sam makes are ribbed semaphores, again complete or parts to restore your own. Sam also makes parts to convert later smooth semaphores to the early ribbed style - a great option considering original ribbed semaphores can cost over £1,000.

Here's a photo of a real semaphore next to a converted smooth one:

And a very nice split cabrio rear view mirror:

And how about some very hard to find split glove box door locks

This is only a small selection of the parts Sam manufactures. He also makes parts for Ghias, Buses, 181's and Kubels.

I hope you check out his website: www.repuestossam.com and have a look at more of his products. Remember to ask if he doesn't currently make something, he may be able to make it for you!

Please mention pre67vw when you contact Sam

Small disclaimer: this is a sponsored article, except I didn't get any money from it but instead I received some parts - because they're some of the best parts around!

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