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VolksAuto Magazine - Issue 1

08 July 2020
I've always loved magazines, I have cupboards full of them. Looking through all the magazines on the news stands, I always feel like there's not the perfect magazine for vintage VW people, so I decided I would try and make one...

There have been a few attempts at a stock/vintage VW magazine in the past and they have not been too successful. Maybe there just isn't the market for it? Or maybe there's not enough of a market for a business to make money from it. An enthusiast though, that might work? Traditional litho printed material is expensive to produce and makes low run printing unviable, but with the introduction of digital printing, low run is it's strong point. 

So we would like to introduce you to VolksAuto magazine, a new magazine for the vintage VW fan who likes their VW's old, rare and stock, with a little bit of period correct thrown in too. It's not a big thick magazine full of adverts, I like to think of it as more like a modern version of 'The International Vintage VW magazine' that Bob Shaill used to create, but with lots of colour and beautiful photography.

Take a look over at www.VolksAuto.co.uk to order the first issue

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