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VW Action 2015

24 August 2015
One of the oldest VW shows in the UK, but not like it used to be...

VW Action was one of the first VW shows I went to, back in the days when it was held at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. The show seemed huge, loads of trade stands, huge show car area and tons of activities going on - one of the best being the engine change competition. It was by far the best show on the calendar.

Then along came Bug Jam and everything changed. This new show was held at Santa Pod and suddenly it felt like spending a weekend in California. Bug Jam was heralded as being a 'new wave' VW show, the cars were bright and full of chrome and the activities changed to 'rad shorts' competitions, loud music and of course drag racing. It was a short while after this that the old VW action ended, the name was sold and all VW events tried to become 'new wave'. 

VW Action re-surfaced being run by a new owner and had become one of these 'new wave' shows itself, struggling to find a home - a couple in Peterborough then Herts showground until finally joining Bug Jam at Santa Pod. 

Bug Jam has now become something else, VWs are still involved, but it has become more of a festival/party with huge music arenas, comedy tents and fun fairs all attracting huge numbers of people who have zero interest in VW's.

I've not been to VW Action for a number of years but my daughter really wanted to see some racing and as I refuse to go to Bug Jam now - VW Action was the next best thing. Driving into the field it all started to feel quite familiar, VW Action now seems to have a very similar feel to those early Bug Jams. We were reliably informed that we missed the best day, Saturday was much better than the Sunday we went on and there were only a handful of VW race cars racing on the Sunday - most of the racers were modern 'tuners'.

Having a look around the show and shine area, there were a few nice cars on show, but clearly the lowered thing is still the most popular thing to do and look at. Show car area wasn't all that big, but again - maybe it was bigger on Saturday.

All in all we had an enjoyable time, but the show is not a patch on those shows at Stoneleigh...

Photo album on Facebook - photos by Kate, she's turning into the official pre67vw photographer!

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